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Tracking Financial Transactions


Tracking Financial Transactions


You can easily track the status of each transaction with respect to the integration with your accounting system using the Transferred to Accounting (TTA) field.

Transferred to Accounting Field

All transaction objects (including Invoices, Payments, Refunds, Invoice Item Adjustments, and Invoice Adjustments, and Credit Balance Adjustments) include the Transferred to Accounting Field. This field is located in the Additional Fields section of the transaction object.

You must create a user role that allows users to Override Transferred to Accounting for each transaction type in order to access this feature.

Once a transaction has been transferred to accounting, changes to the transaction are not transferred to the accounting system.

Note that if you enable the Invoice Settlement feature, the Credit Memos and Debit Memos transaction objects are available and they also include the Transferred to Accounting field. When you create a memo, this field is set to No by default. You can only change the TTA value of Posted memos by editing the memo basic information. 

The Invoice Settlement feature is generally available as of Zuora Billing Release 296 (March 2021). This feature includes Unapplied Payments, Credit and Debit Memos, and Invoice Item Settlement. If you want to have access to the feature, see Invoice Settlement Enablement and Checklist Guide for more information. After Invoice Settlement is enabled, the Invoice Item Adjustment feature will be deprecated for your tenant.

Use the TTA field in DataSource Export, AQuA, and Data Query

  • For DataSource Export, AQuA, Data Query, the filter value of this field isnull.
  • For DataSource Export and AQuA the output value of this field is blank.
  • For Data Query the output value of this field isnull.

Use the TTA field with the Zuora SOAP API

Using the Zuora SOAP API, you can set a transaction’s status to Yes, No (Null), Error, Ignore, or Processing, depending on whether it has been transferred to the accounting system. This field is displayed in the user interface, but can only be updated via the API. For example, after importing invoices to your accounting system, you can use the API to change the TTA field to Yes.

In addition, special rules apply to any transaction where the TTA is set to Yes to prevent users from making any changes to a transaction after it has been transferred (this rule can be overridden only by users whose profiles have been set up to have permission to override transactions).

Update the TTA field from Yes

Zuora understands that in some circumstances, you will need to modify a transaction that has been transferred to accounting and set to Yes (for example, the transaction status has been modified in the accounting system and needs to be mirrored in Zuora). Billing allows you to update the Transferred to Accounting field from Yes to another value (including null) if the following are true:

  • The user has the permission to Override Transferred to Accounting enabled for their user account (this permission is provided by the user's Billing administrator). This permission is specific to the transaction type for example, a user can have permission to Override Transferred to Accounting for Invoices but not have permission to Override Transferred to Accounting for Payment transactions.
  • The accounting period is not closed.