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Working with Payments


Working with Payments


Use the Payments tab to see the completed or failed transactions for each individual payment after a payment run has taken place. This area of Zuora is similar to Invoices in Billing in which it shows the end results of the billing and payment run.

Successful Payments

If a payment is successful, that means that the payment has been settled. A settled payment refers to the completed transaction of the payment flow, which indicates that the payment has passed through the gateway and processor and ended in your merchant bank account. Payments are settled at the bank - usually within 24 to 48 hours.

If you void or cancel a payment, it shows as unprocessed, meaning it was not processed and it will not settle.

You cannot void a payment that is settled.

Make a Payment

From the Customer Account, select transactions and make a payment. Alternatively, you can make a payment through the APIs.

Payments can be manual or electronic regardless of the auto-pay setting.

  • Manual payments are done via an ad hoc payment run.
  • Electronic payments are done with auto-pay; such payments are picked up in a payment run.