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Monitor Payment Method Updater Batch


Monitor Payment Method Updater Batch

Zuora strongly recommends you to enable the Notifications feature and configure the notification email, which facilitates monitoring the Payment Method Updater (PMU) batch process. With the notification email for the PMU Batch Complete event configured, Zuora will send you a notification email that displays batch information when the PMU batch completes or an error occurs.

Configure Email Template for PMU Batch Completed Event

To create a notification email for the Payment Method Updater Batch Complete event:

  1. Access the email template.

    Navigate to Settings > Payments in this case.

  2. Click add new email template.
  3. Complete the basic template information.

    In the Related Event field, select Payment Method Updater Batch Completed from the drop down list.

  4. Complete the subject and body of the email template.

    The merge fields available for the Payment Method Updater Batch Completed Notification include:

    Fields Merge Field Tag Description
    Access URL <PMUBatch.AccessURL> The URL of the batch processing result page.
    Date Received <PMUBatch.DateReceived> The date you receive the notification email for the PMU Batch Completed event.
    Date Submitted <PMUBatch.DateSubmitted> The date Zuora submitted the PMU Batch job to the payment gateway.
    Number <PMUBatch.ZuoraBatchNumber> The Batch Number
    Number of Records Changed <PMUBatch.NumberOfRecordsChanged> The number of records that were updated in a batch.
    Number of Records Submitted <PMUBatch.NumberOfRecordsSubmitted> The number of records that are submitted to the gateway in a batch. 
    Retrieve Response Message <PMUBatch.RetrieveResponseMessage> The response message that Zuora retrieves from the gateway.
    Service Provider Name <PMUBatch.ServiceProviderName> The PMU service of the gateway.
    Status <PMUBatch.Status>

    The processing status of the batch. The value of this field in the notification email can be one of the following statuses:

    • Completed
    • Error
    Submit Response Message <PMUBatch.SubmitResponseMessage> The response message sent from the gateway to indicate whether the PMU batch submission succeeds or not.
    Updater Request ID <PMUBatch.UpdaterRequestID> File identifier that is used to indicate which request file that the batch is included in. It's used to reconcile Zuora's batch with the report file generated by updater service provider. For example, when updater request id is 110502 and merchant ID is zuoramerchant, a response file named shall be found in the Report Search window of the Business Center.


Sample Notification Email Template

You can set your notification email template for the Payment Method Updater Batch Completed event like the following example:

Dear Customer,

A scheduled Payment Method Updater batch has finished processing.

Batch Information
Batch Number: <PMUBatch.ZuoraBatchNumber>
Date Submitted: <PMUBatch.DateSubmitted>
Date Received: <PMUBatch.DateReceived>

Service Provider Name: <PMUBatch.ServiceProviderName>
Number of Records Submitted: <PMUBatch.NumberOfRecordsSubmitted>
Number of Records Changed: <PMUBatch.NumberOfRecordsChanged>

Status: <PMUBatch.Status>
Submit ResponseMessage: <PMUBatch.SubmitResponseMessage>
Retrieve Response Message: <PMUBatch.UpdaterRequestID> 

For additional batch details, please visit: <PMUBatch.AccessURL>

Thank you,

When the PMU batch completes or an error occurs, you will receive a notification email containing the detailed batch information. This will help you determine the underlying issues and required actions.


Zuora does not support the Notification feature for the American Express Payment Method Updater.