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Vantiv Troubleshooting


Vantiv Troubleshooting

Reconciling Zuora PMU with Vantiv (Now Worldpay)

This feature is in Controlled ReleaseSubmit a request at Zuora Global Support to get this feature enabled for your tenant.

The Session Report in the Vantiv UI provides a real-time view of the Account Updater batches that are submitted. The Updater Request ID and Post Date shown in the Zuora PMU batch view contains the basic information that can be used to search the Session Reports in the Vantiv UI.
To open the Session Report in Vantiv:
  1. From the Reporting page, click Session
  2. Select the Date Range you want to display, and click Recalculate. The Session Report displays as shown below.
  3. The Session ID is a unique number automatically assigned by Vantiv (Now Worldpay). It is the same as Updater Request ID in Zuora.

Zuora-Defined Response Codes and Messages for Vantiv Account Updater

The table below shows the specific response codes, descriptions, and messages for the Zuora PMU using Vantiv Account Updater. Use the table as a guide to understand the next step in the troubleshooting process.

Zuora Defined Response Code      Response Message  Description  Customer Next Steps

Successful Upload. 

Updater Response: 0 -  Valid Format

 - None
 103 No record to upload. There was no record in the batch that was required to upload to the Updater. Check the results file on invalid credit cards. Go to troubleshooting and see how to read a response file from data sources.

Communication Error. Connection timed out, (or other detailed error message). Tracking Number: 1234567890


The network connection to the Vantiv (Now Worldpay) server is broken or the server IP is not in the white list for the Vantiv (Now Worldpay) production environment.
Zuora will automatically retry the batch.
If you always encounter this error, contact Zuora support with your tracking number.
 301 Communication Error. Connection reset. Tracking Number: ytJJUaOFHW The connection is disconnected due to invalid credentials  Correct the credentials.

General System Failure. (detailed error message).

Tracking Number: 1234567890

Unexpected error, contact Zuora support with your tracking number. Once Zuora fixes the issue, manually retry the batch, or wait for the background retry job to run the next day.
 501 The Request is Completed by Updater: Updater Response: 0 - Merchant Fiscal Day: 09102013 Batch has been completed successfully. None
 502 Updater Declined the Request. Updater Response: 1 -   The account update file is not ready yet. Please try again later. The response file is not available for download. Zuora will automatically retry the batch. The response file was not generated by Vantiv (Now Worldpay)  yet. You may need to wait for a few more days.
If you cannot fix the issue, contact Zuora support or CyberSource support for further help.
 502 Updater Declined the Request. Updater Response: 1 -  Invalid Format The XML syntax of the request is invalid. This is a rare situation. Contact Zuora support.