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Overriding Accounting Codes on Payments


Overriding Accounting Codes on Payments

You can override the accounting code on payment transactions. By default, the accounting code is inherited from the payment method. Using this feature, you can associate different accounting codes for payments applied to partners, deposits, etc., at the time of creating the payment, to enable different downstream accounting treatments. You can override this value through both the UI and the API.

Setting Up Required User Permissions

Before you can override accounting codes, you must configure your user accounts to add the Override Accounting Code permission.

By default, the standard Z-Payments user will not be able to override accounting codes on payments. To allow your users to use this functionality, you must enable the Override Accounting Code permission for those user accounts:

  1. Click your username at the top right and navigate to Settings > Administration > Manage User Roles.
  2. From the View Role List of list, select Payments
  3. Either click the name of an existing custom role, or click Add new role.
    • You must use a custom role or create a new role. You cannot edit the existing Zuora Payments Standard User role. 
    • If you click Add new role, Zuora opens a new page where you can fill in the Basic Information for the custom role. Enter the Role Name and a Description for the custom role.
  4. Enable (check) the Override Accounting Code permission for Payments.
  5. Click save
  6. Next, assign this user role to your users (if this is a new user role; if this is a role that is already assigned to your users, then you do not need to re-assign it to them). See Managing Users for instructions about assigning roles to users.

Overriding Accounting Codes on a Payment

When you have configured the permissions, you can override accounting codes on new and existing payments.

  1. Go through the steps of creating a payment, but do not click create payment
  2. Check the Finance Information fields. By default, the accounting code is inherited from the payment method.
  3. Select another Accounting Code from the list to change the accounting code.
  4. Click create payment.

Overriding Accounting Codes on Existing Payments

You can also edit a payment to change the accounting code. The following rules apply when overriding accounting codes on existing payments:

Overriding Accounting Codes Through the Zuora API

You can also use the Zuora API to override the default accounting codes on payments by updating the AccountingCode field on the Payment object

See Payment object for more information.