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Configure Batch Gateway Reconciliation


Configure Batch Gateway Reconciliation

Use the instructions in this article to enable and configure Batch Gateway Reconciliation in Zuora. For information about the gateways that support Gateway Reconciliation, see Gateway Reconciliation overview.

Enable gateway reconciliation

To use gateway reconciliation, select the Enable gateway reconciliation check box on the gateway configuration page. Some gateway integrations require additional fields to be configured on the gateway instance to enable the gateway reconciliation service. For more information about the required fields for a specific gateway integration, refer to the articles for that integration.

Ensure that you have enabled the "Issue External Refund" payments permission, and the "Unapply Payment" payments permission if the Invoice Settlement feature is enabled in your tenant. Contact your tenant administrator to update your user role or corresponding permissions.

Refund payments with credit balance during gateway reconciliation

A setting called Support refunding payments from the credit balance with Gateway Reconciliation is available in Payments settings. If this feature is enabled, payments with an available credit balance amount can be refunded by using the credit balance during gateway reconciliation. This feature is only available when Invoice Settlement is disabled.

For more information about how to enable this feature, see Refund payments with credit balance in gateway reconciliation.

Configure how to handle refund rejected events

You can set the refund to "Rejected" through the Reconcile a refund API operation. If you specify reject for the action field, the subsequent actions of handling the refund rejected events take place according to the Gateway Reconciliation Configuration settings. In Zuora UI, navigate to Settings > PaymentsGateway Reconciliation Configuration, and then click the option for your needs. 

The following options are available:

  • Update the Refund gateway reconciliation fields only

    Default option. The gateway reconciliation fields will be updated.

  • Update the Refund gateway reconciliation fields and reverse the Refund

    The gateway reconciliation fields will be updated, and the following objects will be created:

    • If Invoice Settlement is not enabled, a new external overpayment will be created, in the case of a failed refund generated from a payment or credit balance.
    • If Invoice Settlement is enabled, a new external unapplied payment will be created, in the case of a failed refund generated from a payment.

      Note: In the case of a failed refund generated from a credit memo, Zuora will only update the gateway reconciliation fields. The new credit memo will not be created.