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Configurable Payment Retry


Configurable Payment Retry

With Configurable Payment Retry, you can define customer groups according to customer profiles and set up retry logic for failed electronic payments for the specific customer group with either of the following methods:

  • Configuring your retry logic manually - You can configure your custom retry logic for a customer group based on the payment gateway response codes.
  • Using AI-driven Smart Retry - You can use the AI-driven smart retry on a customer group to retry failed payments at optimal times. Smart retry utilizes machine learning to assist you in establishing an effective retry strategy. The machine learning model evaluates numerous subscriber characteristics and payment transactions to help identify optimal retry times to improve payment success. The machine learning model then automatically retries an account’s failed payment at the optimal times. 

On the home page of Configurable Payment Retry, a group of metrics is presented for you to evaluate the effectiveness of your payment retry attempts.