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GoCardless Gateway

GoCardless powers recurring payments for over 20,000 merchants, including some of Europe's largest media, software and technology-driven companies. Zuora’s integration to GoCardless makes it simple to accept recurring and one-off payments across the UK and Europe via Bacs, SEPA and AutoGiro Direct Debit.

  1. Supported Payment Method

  2. GoCardless supports the following payment methods:
  • UK Direct Debit (Bacs)
  • SEPA  Direct Debit

Supported Currencies

GoCardless supports the following currencies:

  • GBP (UK Direct Debit)
  • EUR (SEPA Direct Debit)
  • SEK (Swedish Autogiro Direct Debit)

Supported Payment Operations

  • Set up of Service User Number (for Bacs) and Creditor ID (for SEPA)
  • Set up Direct Debit mandate and validate bank details, either online, over the phone or via paper
  • Collect payments automatically
  • One-off, ad-hoc, recurring and pre-payments
  • Real-time alerts for failed or cancelled payments and check status of all payments in Zuora
  • Retry failed payments automatically
  • Refund payments (full or partial refunds) via Faster Payments or SEPA Credit Transfer
  • Simple to transfer existing Direct Debit mandates from another provider to GoCardless and Zuora
  • Sandbox environment available for full testing

Configure the GoCardless Gateway 

You will need to obtain the following information from GoCardless before configuring the GoCardless payment gateway in Zuora:

Zuora Configuration Fields

There are some common fields you must complete for every gateway configuration. We recommend reviewing Setting Up Payment Gateways for information on these fields: 

  • Name
  • Use Gateway Test Environment - check this box
  • Enable gateway reconciliation - check this box. Triggers a daily job to reconcile all payment events processed through the gateway. Note that to reconcile chargebacks (indemnity claims) you will need to contact Zuora support or speak to your GoCardless account manager.

In addition to the common fields, you must provide the required information to configure the GoCardless gateway in Zuora.

  • Access token
  • Creditor ID

Once you have entered the necessary information, click save gateway information.

Configure the GoCardless Gateway

  1. Navigate to Zuora Payments Settings > Setup Payment Gateway
  2. Select GoCardless from the Gateway Type drop-down menu.
  3. Click create gateway.




  2. GoCardless Refunds

  3. GoCardless payments can only be refunded two days after the payment has been processed. If a refund is performed prior to the two day delay, the call will fail and return the following error message: "invalid_state – A refund is not possible on this payment."

  4. For further information on getting the most out of the GoCardless integration for Zuora, contact the GoCardless team on

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