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Hosted Payment Pages


Hosted Payment Pages

Zuora's Payment Pages 2.0 allow subscribers to send payment details to your company in a secure and PCI-compliant manner. Payment Pages 2.0 provide flexibility to allow for easy implementations and a streamlined payment experience.

For Credit Card, ACH, and Bank Transfer payment methods:

  • To add a payment method without immediately processing payments, set up a Payment Page 2.0 in Zuora by using the embedded iFrame. Alternatively, you can use Direct POST to implement Payment Pages 2.0 if you want full control over the look and feel of your payment form. See Payment Pages 2.0 Implementation Overview for more information.
  • To add a payment method and immediately process payments, set up a Payment Page 2.0 and implement the one-time payment flow. You can configure the client parameters to also support processing subsequent recurring payments. See Implement Payment Pages 2.0 to support one-time payment flows for more information.

For Apple Pay, collecting payment method information and processing payments are not supported through the Payment Pages 2.0 solution. To build an Apple Pay checkout experience, set up Apple Pay through the JavaScript SDK integration. See Set up Apple Pay for more information.