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Here are the frequently asked questions about the new UI of Zuora Revenue. 

1. Are there any new feature enhancements in the New UI that are is not available in the old UI?

Yes, please refer to Zuora Blog for an overview of the feature enhancements available in the New UI.

2. When will the New UI be available for customers?

The New User Interface (UI) is generally available to all cloud customers as of March 31, 2018.

3. Is there an entitlement cost for the New UI?

No, this is available by default to all Zuora Revenue customers who are on the latest release of the cloud version of Zuora Revenue.

4. Will this upgrade impact my revenue rules and revenue amounts?

No, this upgrade is purely a user interface upgrade, revenue rules which are configured which remain as-is and will not impact revenue reporting.

5. Will be there be training provided?

Yes, we will offer both webinars as well as live training at Subscribed 2018 for your team to learn the functionality and navigation of the New UI. If you can’t make it to one of our live webinars or events, you can watch a replay of one of the webinars at your convenience.

6. I am interested. How can I get the New UI?

Please submit a ticket to Zuora Revenue Support and our team would be happy to support you with an upgrade.

7. Are there any prerequisites to adopting the New UI?

Yes. The New UI requires that you are using version Release or higher and you must use the cloud version of Zuora Revenue.

8. What is the upgrade path for version or higher?

Customers who wish to upgrade to version or higher, can submit a ticket to Zuora Revenue Support and our team would be happy to support you with an upgrade.

9. What happens to the legacy user interface?

Starting March 31, 2018, no new enhancements will be delivered in the legacy interface. The legacy user interface will be supported until Oct 31, 2019. We encourage all customers to upgrade to the new user interface before Oct 31, 2019.   

10. Is the New UI available for customers that need to use the product for ASC 605?

No, this is only available for ASC 606 when you upgrade to version or higher.  If you’re currently using the legacy UI to report on ASC 605, we will continue to offer support for reporting in ASC 605 until Oct 31, 2019.

11. Can I launch the legacy UI and the New UI in parallel?

Yes, this option is available.

12. Can I use switch guidance functionality between ASC 605 and ASC 606 with the New UI?

No, this feature is not available in the New UI. It is only available in the legacy UI framework. You can continue to use an environment with the legacy UI to review balances under ASC 605 and compare against an environment with the New UI under ASC 606.