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Historical Waterfall Report


Historical Waterfall Report

Displays revenue data for up to 13 periods from any historical period you choose

The Historical Waterfall Report generates revenue data for up to 13 periods from any historical period you choose. For example, if your current open period is May 2023, you can run the report to generate data from January 2022 to December 2022 to generate a Historical Waterfall Report for your prior year.

Historical Waterfall Report.png

The revenue activity of the historical period will be the actual revenue posted to the General Ledger from Zuora Revenue.


Complete the following steps to generate a Historical Waterfall Report:

  1. Navigate to Reports > Run Reports from the main menu.

  2. Click Revenue.

  3. Select/search Historical Waterfall Report from the available list.

  4. Select the applicable layout from the Select Layout drop-down field.

  5. Click Report Detail.

  6. Select the applicable waterfall from the WF Type drop-down field. Only the following waterfall types are currently supported by this feature:

  • Adjustments
  • Billed Revenue
  • Contract Impairment
  • Net Revenue
  • Revenue
  • Unbilled Revenue
  1. Select the applicable currency type from the Currency Type drop-down field. The following currency types are available.
  • Functional
  • Transactional
  • Reporting
  1. Select the applicable format from the Waterfall Format drop-down field.

  2. Select the applicable start period from the Start Period drop-down field.

  3. Select the number of periods you want to generate the report from the Number of Periods drop-down field.
    Zuora Revenue can generate historical waterfall reports for up to 13 periods.

  4. Click Run Reports.


The following questions are frequently asked about the Historical Waterfall Report:

Q: Can Zuora Revenue generate reports only for past periods or can it also generate future revenue waterfall?

A: The report can generate reports for past, current, or future periods based on your selection of the period range. However, the revenue activity of future periods will be a summary of the report execution date and time.

The revenue activity of the past periods will be the actual revenue posted to your General ledger.

Q: How does the Historical Waterfall Report differ from the existing Waterfall Report?

A: The existing Waterfall Report gives a period-wise breakdown from the Current open period to the future periods. The actual revenue of the historical closed periods will be consolidated in a single column called Prior Amount. The new Historical Waterfall Report generates a period-wise breakdown of the prior periods for up to 13.

Q: Can I generate the output for a quarter instead of a period?

A: Yes, you can use the Waterfall Format to generate the output by Quarters. Navigate Setups > Application > Waterfall Template to set up a new waterfall format based on quarters.

Q: How do I reconcile the activity/output generated by the Historical waterfall report?

A: For past and current periods, you must reconcile the revenue activity as per the accounting/revenue insight Report

For future periods, you must reconcile the revenue activity as per the accounting/waterfall report run for the same Waterfall Type.