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Search and view revenue contract


Search and view revenue contract

Complete the following steps to search for revenue contracts in the Workbench and open the Revenue Contract Detail page for a specific revenue contract:

  1. From the Zuora Revenue main menu, click Revenue Contract under the Workbench section. The Revenue Contracts page is displayed for you to search for specific revenue contracts.

  2. In the Criteria section on the left pane, enter your search criteria and then click Search.
    The search results are displayed on the right with a summary of revenue contracts that meet the search criteria.

    • Click add_icon.png to add as many search conditions as you need.
    • To save your search conditions for use in the future, click save_icon.png in the Search section.
    • If a previously saved search exists, you can run the saved search directly.
  3. To view the details of one specific revenue contract, hover the mouse over the revenue contract row in the search result and then click the View Revenue Contract icon review-rc-icon.png on the right.

The Revenue Contract Detail page is displayed, which provides a comprehensive view of the revenue contract. For more information about the Revenue Contract Detail page, see Overview of Revenue Contract Detail Page.