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Create tax exemptions


Create tax exemptions

It is possible for a customer account to be tax exempt. If you set Tax Exempt to Yes, you must enter a certificate ID or an entity/use code. Specifying either Pending Verification or No are equivalent, and will apply taxes for this account.

For more information about tax exemption certificates, refer to the following documentation from Zuora partner Avalara: Exemption Certificate Survival Guide.

For more information about entity/use codes, refer to the following documentation from Zuora partner Avalara: Exempt Transactions.

Setting tax exempt status

To enable tax exempt status for an account, edit the account and enter information in the Tax Exempt fields of the Billing and Payment Info section.

Field Required? Description
Tax Exempt Yes

Set this to Yes, No, or Pending Verification.

If you set this to No or Pending Verification, Zuora Tax will apply taxes to the account.

Certificate ID See description Any value provided by the merchant.
Certificate Type No Typically, this is Reseller or a similar value to represent the document type.
Issuing Jurisdiction No Typically, this is a state or government agency.
Entity/Use Code No  Specify an entity/use code used to apply exemptions in AvaTax.
Description No Add a description. This field is optional.