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Zuora Quotes Version 10 Release Notes


Zuora Quotes Version 10 Release Notes

This page is no longer maintained. Please visit Zuora Release Notes for the latest release notes.

These release notes provide a summary of new features, enhancements, and resolved issues in the Zuora Quotes Version 10 releases. Version 10.0 is the major release, on which all the 10.X releases are based. 

CPQ X is available to all customers since Zuora Quotes version 10.0. To learn more about CPQ X, see CPQ X.

To see previous release notes, go to Previous Zuora CPQ Releases.

Release 10.0 (Release Date: 2021-11-09) 

The 10.0 release includes the following features, enhancements, and resolved issues.

CPQ X enhancements and resolved issues 

The following features and enhancements are only applicable to CPQ X.

CPQ X is now generally available 

CPQ X is now generally available to all customers. 

CPQ X contains a single-page application named Quote Studio, which enables you to optimize the efficiency of quoting work streams within your sales process and eliminate quoting errors.

For more information about how to enable CPQ X in your Salesforce organization, see Enable CPQ X for your organization.

Support for CPQ X internationalization

The Quote Studio page can be translated into multiple languages now. 

To translate Quote Studio into a language other than English, you need to enable the language in Translation Workbench, then configure custom labels in CPQ X to add translation texts. Subsequently, if the language preference of a user is set to this language, the configured custom labels are displayed in the equivalent text in this language.

See Localize and Customize Labels and Messages for more information.

Support for on-demand metrics preview

Previously, CPQ X called the Preview an order API every time a change was made to the quote, which would trigger a tax engine call if the products were set up to be taxed. It could increase tax engine fees if you were using any tax engines other than Zuora Tax because most tax providers charge by the number of API calls. 

To minimize the number of Preview an order API calls, we have enhanced CPQ X to support on-demand metrics preview. If you enable the Enable Preview On Demand setting, a new button named Preview Metrics will be displayed on the Quote Studio page. You can click this button to preview quote metrics after you have made all changes to the quote, and the button is disabled until later changes are made. It ensures that the Preview an order API is called only when needed.

See Enable Preview On Demand for more information.

Included Units available for selection for zqu__CPQX_Charge_Display_Fields field set

The Included Units field of Quote Rate Plan Charge has been added to the available options for the Charge Display Metrics (zqu__CPQX_Charge_Display_Fields) field set. You can now enable this field to display the Included Units field for quote rate plan charges with the overage charge model.

Support for customizing dates to be displayed when clicking action date

CPQ X now supports customizing the dates that are displayed when you click the action date for a product. The Trigger Dates field set has been added to the Quote Amendment (zqu__QuoteAmendment__c) object, from which you can enable or disable the following dates:

  • Service Activation Date
  • Customer Acceptance Date

Note that Contract Effective Date is required in the field set.

See Customize displayed action dates for more information.

Support for viewing Quote Line Item metrics from quote details page

After subscription items or quote line items are added through Quote Studio, the metrics for both quote line items and subscription items are now available on the quote details page. 

Previously, only the metrics for subscriptions could be displayed on the quote details page.

To support this enhancement, the following fields have been added to the Quote object:

  • Quote Line Item Total (QLI_Total__c)
  • Quote Line Item Subtotal (QLI_Subtotal__c)
  • Quote Line Item Tax (QLI_Tax__c)
  • Subscription Subtotal (Subscription_Subtotal__c)
  • Subscription Total (Subscription_Total__c)
  • Subscription Tax (Subscription_Tax__c)

Enhanced usability for action buttons

Previously, the action buttons, including Back, Save, and Submit buttons, could only be found if you scroll to the top of the Quote Studio page. To optimize your experience, we have enhanced the Quote Studio page to ensure that these buttons are fixed at the top of the screen. Thus you can find and click these buttons from anywhere within Quote Studio. 

General enhancements and resolved issues

The enhancements and resolved issues in this section are applicable to Zuora Quotes, or both Zuora Quotes and CPQ X.

Enhanced Chatter feeds for Opportunities

If you have enabled Salesforce Chatter feed tracking for both Quote and Opportunity, you can now dynamically configure the quote fields that will be posted as a Chatter feed on the corresponding opportunity record.

A list of quote fields have been added as the default fields to the Chatter Feed On Opportunity field set of the Quote object. The Chatter feed is only posted when the values of one or more of these fields are changed. You can also customize this field set by adding more fields or removing unnecessary fields. 

By default, if feed tracking for both Quote and Opportunity are enabled, Chatter feeds are posted on Opportunity when quotes are created or updated. Now you have the flexibility to disable Chatter feeds from quotes by enabling the Disable chatter feed from Quote setting. 

See Chatter Collaboration for more information.

Support for combining Quote Studio with guided selling flows

CPQ X now supports combining Quote Studio with existing guided selling flows. You can combine them using either or both of the following approaches:

  • Add Quote Studio to quoting flows through Quote Wizard
  • Enable the Navigate to Quote Studio After Select Products setting

It allows for high flexibility of quote configuration and thereby meets different business needs.

See Combine guided selling flows with Quote Studio for more information.

Resolved issue: Tier changes not saved after quote is submitted

Previously, if you updated product rate plan charge tiers in an amendment quote or a renewal quote, you might find that the tier changes were not saved after the quote was submitted. This issue has been resolved now.