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Customize Currencies


Customize Currencies

Zuora Billing gives you the flexibility of billing your global customers in different currencies.

Customize Currency Types

To add a currency type, click add new currency and edit the following options.

Setting Description
Active Specify whether your company is currently using the applicable currency. If the Active box is selected, it means your company is selling products and services in the applicable currency. If the Active check box is not selected, it means your company is not selling any products or services in the applicable currency.
Alphabetic Code Use this field to select a currency type from a list of world currencies.
Rounding Mode Allows you to define whether a currency should be rounded DownUp, or Half Up. By default, Zuora uses Half Up rounding on all currencies (for example, where 3.49 is rounded to 3 and 3.50 is rounded to 4). The Down and Up options are useful if you need to use a different rounding mode for a particular currency (for example, in Japan, it is often the case that currency values are rounded Down to the nearest Yen).
Rounding Increment

Allows you to define the currency increment used for rounding. This is useful if you are working with currencies that do not round to the nearest cent (for example, Swiss francs are typically rounded to the nearest 5 cents).

Do not apply when calculating inclusive taxes: Select this option if you don't want to round the tax amounts when using inclusive taxes.

This option appears if your rounding increment is not the smallest possible value, given the currency's decimal place setting. If you choose this option, the inclusive tax carve out will be rounded to the smallest possible currency value rather than your specified rounding increment. 

For example, if you set the rounding increment to 0.05 (to the nearest 5 cents) and select this option, the inclusive tax carve out will still be rounded to the nearest penny.

Rate To fully customize a currency for use, you must specify the exchange rate for that currency.

When you are done editing the fields, click save to add the currency. To continue adding currency types, click add new currency and specify information about the new currency type.

See Currencies and Their 3-Letter Codes for a list of currencies supported in Zuora Billing, including their 3-letter ISO codes.