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Quickstart Tutorial


Quickstart Tutorial

The end-to-end example shows how to set up a site in Zephr, define the user journeys for each type of end user, and publish a feature to allow end users to progress from anonymous user, through registered user, to paid customer.

In this example, we do the following:

  • Know the main sections on the Zephr UI console before you start
  • Set up our site in Zephr, as described in the Set Up Your Site topic
  • Add user attributes to gather and store the end user’s first and last name, as described in the Add Your User Attributes topic
  • Create a feature and build a rule that asks anonymous user to register before they can view content, as described in the Build Your Anonymous User Journey section
  • Build a rule that allows registered user to view two pieces of content each week before encountering a paywall, as described in the Define Your Registered User Journey section
  • Build a rule that allows customers to access your content, as described in the Define Your Customer Journey topic
  • Publish your feature, as described in the Publish Your Feature topic