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Component Templates


Component Templates

In addition to creating custom templates from scratch, Zephr also provides completed component templates that can be used directly in your feature outcomes. The templates contain predefined variables, which make them flexible enough to be modified without further development effort. However, you can also use the templates as a starting point to develop your own components.

Note that the preview window is also available for component templates.

To work with the templates, you need to be familiar with the custom template editor first. See Custom Components for how to use the custom template editor.

The following component templates are available:

  • Footer
  • Pop up

To create templates using a starter,  on Component Library, click Add Component > Component Templates, and then select the starter that you want to use. 

The way to edit a template is the same as how you create a custom template from scratch.

After a component created from the template is saved, you can access it from the component library homepage. Later you can use it in your feature outcomes.