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Site Groups


Site Groups

You can group sites to simplify their management. Grouping sites allows you to do the following:

  • Create custom user journeys for a series of sites without adding a decision node for each site
  • Create products and subscription packages that are available to all site in the site group

For example, you group your News sites in a News site group and your Data sites in a Data site group. In your feature rule you include a check to determine the site accessed by the end user. This decision has the following results:

  • If they are accessing a site in the Data site group, a content trial is offered
  • If they are accessing a News site, a content trial is not offered

For further information on managing your site groups, see the following topics:

  • Add a Site Group
  • Edit a Site Group
  • Delete a Site Group

Note: Zephr recommends that you create your sites before creating your site groups. For further information on creating sites, see the Add a Site topic.