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Chargify is a payment provider and subscription management platform.

You can use the Chargify extension to do the following:

  • Map Chargify price points with Zephr products to provide different options to allow end users to pay for your content

    Any Zephr products that are configured with payment options can be added to Zephr payment forms. When an end user encounters the payment form, the process is as follows:

    1. The payment form is rendered using Chargify JS
    2. Payment details are submitted to Chargify

      Note: The payment details are not passed through or stored by Zephr.

    3. After a successful payment, a customer record for the end user is created in Chargify if one does not already exist

      Depending on the configuration, the corresponding user record can be kept up to date with information from Zephr. It is your responsibility to ensure that you have secured the relevant permissions from your end-users to conduct this processing.

      Zephr does not take responsibility for any payment processing and cannot undertake actions such as dunning.

      The extension currently only responds to payment success event notifications from Chargify.

    4. The end user is issued a temporary Zephr product grant, which allows immediate access to the relevant content
    5. Zephr listens for incoming webhook notifications from successful payment events
    6. When a webhook notification has been received, Zephr issues a product grant for the duration of the billing period plus a 24 hour grace period

      The product grant is renewed following notification of the successful payment for that billing period

  • Take payments
  • Manage subscriptions for content

The Zephr Chargify integration supports the following:

  • Multiple currencies
  • Automatic synchronisation with currencies configured in your Chargify account
  • Promo codes, known as coupons in Chargify
  • Payments through PayPal

Before integrating Chargify with Zephr, you must have the following:

  • A Chargify account, which has been configured with products and price point IDs
  • Zephr user attributes, which have been configured for end user first names and last names

    This is required as Chargify requires all customer records to have an email, first name and last name. These details must also be configured in Zephr.

To configure Chargify, you must do the following:

For further information on the flow for creating a payment form powered by Chargify and Zephr, see the Example Chargify Payment Form Creation topic.