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You can transform all or some of the request and its relevant response using redirects.

Note: You can only use redirects if using the Zephr CDN.

You can use redirects to do the following:

  • Alter headers
  • Modify responses
  • Change status responses
  • Redirect end users to a different page

For example, you can redirect your end users to a paywall, log in, or registration page; or, you can

block access to downloadable content.

Redirect rules define the customer journey using decision nodes to define how the transformation is applied to the request and/or response. For further information on the decision nodes that you can use in your redirect rule, see the Redirect Decision Nodes topic.

Note: If you want to target a specific feature in your site, use a feature rule. For more information on using features, see the Creating and Managing Zephr Features topic.

You can manage redirects as follows:

  • Add a redirect
  • Delete a redirect
  • Manage the versions of a redirect