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Days Of The Week


Days Of The Week

The Zephr Days of the Week extension can be used to add the days of the week as decision nodes to the Zephr Rules canvas – allowing you to create user journeys for specific days of the week.

Configuring the Days Of The Week Extension

To enable the Days Of The Week Extension within Zephr, navigate to Settings > Extensions > Days Of The Week. If you cannot see this option in your list of Extensions, email

Once on the configuration screen, you’ll see a single section called Activate Plugin.

Activate Plugin

In this section, you will need to confirm which of your Sites the extension should be active on. To do this, use the toggles for each site under the Activate Plugin section, or choose Select All Sites.

Once completed, click Save. Your plugin is now Enabled.

Using Days Of The Week in a Zephr Rule

Once you’ve activated your plugin, navigate to Products > Features and create or enter the rule you wish to add a day-specific journey to.

In your Rule Palette, you will see a new section called Days Of The Week. Clicking this displays nodes for each of the days, as well as a ‘Weekend’ option.

Click and drag the relevant node onto your canvas, click Save and complete your rule as usual.


In the example above, anonymous users coming to the site on the weekend will see a registration wall, whilst users viewing a site Monday to Friday will have free access to articles.