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Set Up Promo Codes


Set Up Promo Codes

You can use Promo Codes to link Stripe Coupons to Zephr Products. When Promo Codes are configured, the promo code field displays on your out-of-the-box payment forms.

Before you can configure Promo Codes in Zephr, you must do the following in Stripe:

  • Create discount options
  • Link the discount options to the relevant Product Plan. This is the Product Plan used on your payment form

For further information on creating Coupons in Stripe, refer to the Coupons section of the Stripe documentation.

The following steps provide an overview of Coupon creation in Stripe:

  1. Navigate to your Stripe Dashboard
  2. Select Coupons
  3. Select Create
  4. Enter a Name for your Coupon
  5. Define whether the discount is a Percentage Discount or a Fixed Discount

    A Percentage Discount reduces the total price by the defined percentage. For example, 10%.

    A Fixed Discount reduces the total price by a fixed amount. For example, £10.

  6. Enter the discount amount
  7. If relevant, set this to apply to specific products
  8. Set the duration

    You can define the promo code as available forever, for use once, or for use over multiple months. This determines how often your end user can apply the promo code.

  9. Set your redemption limits based upon how many times an end user can use this promo code, and the time for which the code is valid
  10. Select the Use Customer-Facing Coupon Codes checkbox
  11. Set the codes that you want end users to use to validate the discount on the payment form
  12. Select Confirm Coupon