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Zephr WordPress Plugin


Zephr WordPress Plugin

The Zephr plugin can be used directly in WordPress to apply Zephr features to your content without using the Zephr CDN.

Note: The Zephr plugin is open source software. It is not provided, or supported by, Zephr. For further information on the plugin and for support, refer to the Zephr – WordPress plugin page.

Before using the Zephr plugin, you must do the following:

You can then use the plugin to control the display of your content. You can use the plugin to apply features that already exist in Zephr, or create features in WordPress. For further information on using the Zephr Plugin, see the Use the Plugin topic.

Below is an example of a page before and after using the Zephr plugin:

  • Before the feature rule has been applied to your page, the content displays fully, as illustrated below:


  • After applying a Zephr feature with a registration form outcome to the list block in our content, the page displays as illustrated below: