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User Segments


User Segments

You can show different outcomes to different groups of end users of your site using User Segments.

User Segments allow you to segment your end users based on conditions, such as whether they have visited a defined URL or path, or match a specific User Attribute.

The end users that match the conditions are added to the segment, which allows you to target them using custom outcomes in a feature rule.

Segments are site-specific. This means that an end user can belong to a segment on one of your sites, but not another, depending on their behaviour.

Your Registered end users and Customers retain their user segments throughout their lifecycle.

Anonymous end user retain their user segment throughout the life of their session. This is generally around three months if they do not clear their cookies.

You can do the following:

For examples of the ways you can use a user segment, see the User Segment Example Use topic.