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Describes how to create multiple environments within a single tenant.

The Environment screen is a hub for creating multiple environments within a single tenant. With a click, you can seamlessly manage and coordinate your testing pipelines within unique domains. With the help of virtual environments, you can perform the following:

  • Establish a centralised environment where multiple domains coexist, eliminating the need to sign in and out of separate tenants.
  • Transfer data between domains within the virtual environment, allowing seamless application of changes, configurations, and settings across domains.
  • Distribute roles, content, and data to specific domains within the virtual environment, providing users granular control and flexibility over access and permissions.

Previously, users had to configure their testing pipelines with multiple tenants, often requiring separate environments for testing, staging, development, and more. This setup required signing in and out of each tenant, with limitations on content transfer between them.

The virtual environments feature enhances the management of testing pipelines, promotes collaboration, and streamlines the testing process. This also significantly reduces the complexity associated with multiple tenants, fostering a more efficient and user-friendly testing environment.