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Single Sign-On


Single Sign-On

As part of Zephr’s multi-site approach to our software, we offer the ability for your end-users to use single sign-on (SSO).

Using SSO, your end-users are logged in to all of your sites after they login to one site. For example, after they login to Site A, they receive an authenticated session for Site B and Site C at the same time.

You can configure the behaviour of SSO for your sites.

Note: These settings can only be used with the Zephr CDN.

By default, SSO is disabled. This means an end user signing on to a site is only signed on to that site.

To enable SSO, select one of the following radio buttons:

  • Auto Login

    Selecting this option means that a single login automatically signs users into all sites.

  • Opt In

    Selecting this option means that end users can choose to use an existing sign-on when they sign on to other sites.

    For further information on the Opt In option, refer to the Technical Documentation.

If you want to disable SSO again, select the Disabled radio button.

For a technical description of SSO, refer to the Single Sign-On For Zephr Sites topic in the Technical Documentation.