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Configure Site Domains


Configure Site Domains

Site domains allow you to use Zephr from a number of different domains to access the same origin. You can define domain overrides to expose URLs that allow the end-user to access your site through the Zephr CDN.

To configure site domains, select the Site Domains button in the Add a Site screen. The Domains screen displays, as illustrated below:


By default, Zephr creates the following subdomains:

  • {yoursite}.{yourorganisation} Set to Preferred Live Environment
  • {yoursite}.{yourorganisation} Set to Preferred Staging Environment

You can use either of these subdomains before going live; for example to test your site. When your site is live, you can use the {yoursite}.{yourorganisation} subdomain to stage and test your rules before publishing them.

From this screen you can do the following:

  • Configure a domain

    From this screen, you can configure the following:

    • Site domains
    • Preferred environments
  • Track the progress of the domain set up, as described in Track Progress
  • Delete a domain, as described in Delete a Domain

When you have finished configuring your site domains, select the Done button to return to the Add a Site screen.

Add a Site Domain

To add a site domain, for example for testing purposes, complete the following steps:

  1. Select the Add a Domain button in the Domains screen

    The Add a Domain dialog box displays, as illustrated below:


  2. Enter the domain in the Domain text box

    Note: Do not use your real domain until you are ready to go live. Enter your real domain when you are ready to trigger the go live process.

  3. Select the appropriate environment for the domain from the Environment radio buttons. The options are as follows:
    • Live
    • Staging
  4. Select the Save button to save the domain and return to the Domains screen. Selecting the Cancel button returns you to the Domains screen without adding a domain

Note: After going live, you must add all domains used in your base URL and any subdomains. For example, the and domains and subdomain. For further information on going live, see the Go-Live Guide.

Set Preferred Environments

You must have domains set to the following:

  • Preferred Live environment
  • Preferred Staging environment

To set, or unset, a domain as the preferred environment, select the toggle in the Environment column for the domain.

Note: After going live, you must set your live domain to the preferred live environment. This ensures that all service emails from Zephr contain the correct link.

If you set a different domain as the preferred environment, the domain that was set as the preferred environment is automatically unset.

If you unset a preferred environment, an error message informs you that you must have a preferred domain for each environment.

Track Progress

When the domain has a status of In Progress, you can check the steps taken to set up the domain setup.

To track the progress, complete the following steps:

  1. Select the three dots for the relevant domain
  2. Select Track Progress

    The Track Domain Setup Progress dialog box displays, as illustrated below:


  3. Select the OK button to return to the Domains screen

Delete a Domain

To delete a domain, complete the following steps:

  1. Select the three dots for the relevant domain
  2. Select Delete

The site is removed from the list of domains.