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Zephr includes out-of-the-box integration with Stripe using the Stripe extension.

The Stripe extension allows you to build out-of-the-box payment forms within Zephr, which are linked to Stripe.

To use the Zephr/Stripe integration, you must use version 2020-08-27 of the Stripe API. To find the version of the Stripe API, go to the Overview section of your Stripe Dashboard. From here you can upgrade the version of the Stripe API, if necessary, as described in the API Upgrades section of the Stripe documentation.

To configure the Stripe extension, you must do the following:

You define recurring payments in Stripe, but you define how often a payment is taken from your end user in the Zephr Admin Console. For example, to set up a one-off payment you would define a monthly recurrence in Stripe, and a one-off payment for the relevant product in the Zephr Admin Console. For further information on setting your billing cycles in Zephr, see the Create a Product section.

You can test the configuration following the steps below:

  1. Make sure that you have at least one product set up that is linked to a payment option and a feature. For further information on setting up a product, see the Create a Product topic
  2. In the feature linked from the product, create a journey for registered users that displays a payment form. For further information on creating a payment form, see the Payment Forms topic
  3. Test the rule
  4. You can find a series of test card numbers in the Stripe Documentation, which allow you to test payment.
  5. Following a successful payment, the end user is granted the specified product in Zephr and can access the feature content

You can also link Stripe Coupons to Zephr products using Promo Codes, as described in the Set Up Promo Codes and Use Promo Codes in a Payment Form.

Note: The payment details page will not display external tax by default. If you need to display the tax information to your end users, reach out to our customer support team to enable this.