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Reference a State in a Feature Rule


Reference a State in a Feature Rule

When you have created a user state map, you can reference a state in a rule using the Journey State decision node.

For example, you could use a Journey State decision node to base a decision on whether the end user is in the Engaged state or not, and provide different outcomes depending on the result.

To use a state in a rule, complete the following steps:

  1. Navigate to the feature to which you want to add the Journey State decision node as follows:
    1. Select Products from the main menu
    2. Select Features from the menu options
    3. Select the feature from the list
    4. Select the version to update

      The rules builder displays

  2. Select the User segment title
  3. Drag the Journey State decision node to your rules canvas

    The State dialog box displays, as illustrated below:


  4. Select the state on which you want to base the decision from the State menu

    The options are populated from your user state map.

  5. Select the Save button
  6. Build your rule as normal

    For further information on building rules, see the Rules Builder section.