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How does Zephr work with dynamic origin content?


How does Zephr work with dynamic origin content?

Zephr has the ability to set cache rules, allowing it to work with dynamic content on your website, while providing performance improvements to your site by caching static content.

When working with dynamic content, you can configure a Cache Rule by going to Settings > CDN > Add Cache Rule.

The example below looks at a Cache Rule that has been configured to turn off caching for the Breaking News section, and all articles beneath it, on a news site. This means that the content in this section will be displayed as soon as it is published on the site.

Cache Rules can follow any URL Path Conditions, including being used to turn off Zephr caching for the whole site. When using these rules, it is worth considering the potential site speed implications of not caching the Origin through Zephr, as the site will have a higher load time.