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Add a Nested Decision Node


Add a Nested Decision Node

To add a nested decision node to check whether your traffic came from a search referrer, complete the following steps:

  1. Select the Advanced segment title
  2. Drag the Referrer decision node to the rules canvas
  3. Enter google in the Value text box
  4. Select the plus (+) icon in the top right of the Request Header dialog box

    The Add Decision dialog box displays

  5. Select the Referrer decision node

    A tab is added to your Request Header dialog box

  6. Enter bing in the Value text box
  7. Select the Or radio button from the Type options

    You can add further tabs for each search referrer you want to check, as described above.

  8. Select the Save button

    The nested decision node is added to your rules canvas

Now you can add the Outcomes to your Sub Rule, as described in the Add Outcomes to Your Sub Rule topic.