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Build the Anonymous User Journey


Build the Anonymous User Journey

In this example, we ask anonymous users to register before they can view content.

To do this, we must do the following:

  • Build your feature

    Note: We use this feature in all our user journeys.

    To build your feature, follow the instructions in the Build Your Feature topic from the end-to-end example.

  • Create a registration form outcome

    To create your registration form outcome, follow the instructions in the Create Your Registration Form Outcome topic from the end-to-end example. To distinguish this form from the one built for that example, enter Registration Wall in the Title text box of the Add an Outcome screen

  • Build the rule to display the registration form outcome when the user tries to access content

    To build your rule, follow the instructions in the Build the Anonymous Rule topic from the end-to-end example. Remember to drag the Registration Wall outcome to the canvas instead of the Registration Form if you have done both examples.

    Your rule is similar to the following: