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Dynamic offers versioning


Dynamic offers versioning

You can version control your dynamic offers. This allows you to easily manage your dynamic offers and test fast.

Note: Versioning is disabled by default. Reach out to the Support team to have it enabled for your console.

When creating a new dynamic offer, the first version of the offer will be automatically created. After you have completed the configurations for the version, you can save it as a draft, stage it, or publish it directly.

Under the Version section of a dynamic offer, you can create new versions or manage existing ones.

  • Add or modify the description for each version.
  • Search a version by its version number or description.
  • View the status of a version. A version could be in one of the following statuses:
    • Live
    • Staged
    • Draft
    • Previously Published
    • Previously Staged
  • To create a new version, click Create a new version
  • To manage an existing version, click the More Actions icon on the right-hand side of it.

The Live version will be applied to your live site domain and the Staged version will be applied to your staging site domain. Draft, Previously Published and Previously Staged versions cannot be executed.

You can only edit versions that are in the "Draft" status. To modify versions in other statuses, you must first create a copy of it by clicking the More Actions icon > Create a Draft Copy.