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Edit a Feature


Edit a Feature

You can only edit the name and description of the feature. All other fields are unavailable.

For further information on editing the details of the feature, see the Edit a Version topic.

To edit a feature, complete the following steps:

  1. Select Product from the main menu
  2. Select Features from the menu options

    The Features screen displays.

  3. Select the three dots at the end of the row for the feature you want to edit
  4. Select Edit Feature

    The feature details screen displays.

  5. Update the Title text box as required
  6. Update the Description text box as required
  7. Select the Update button to save your changes and return to the Features screen

You can delete features. The deletion cannot be undone. If you delete the feature, all versions are removed and cannot be re-instated. For further information on deleting a version of the feature, see the Delete a Version topic.