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What Cookies does Zephr Set?


What Cookies does Zephr Set?

Zephr sets multiple cookies for users to ensure the correct customer journey is followed.

Details can be found below.

Zephr Cookies


These cookies are set by AWS when the stickiness feature is enabled on a Load Balancer; this is for better performance. A series of requests from the same user will be routed to the same EC2 instance.


This is the cookie that identifies a user’s session in Zephr; it is a unique identifier. We use this identifier to determine, for example, their session state or access model.


This is the cookie that identifies if a user has had a previous anonymous session. We use this cookie to determine, for example, if a user has been anonymous, registered, and then logged out again.


This is a cookie also related to the session of the user and is used to give Zephr additional data about the session of the user: like the system that created the session or the start date of the session.


The purpose of this cookie is to track a user’s journey from the first visit to the site. It is an identifier that can be used to identify a user once it is authenticated in Zephr.


This cookie notes when a user has an active session in the Zephr Admin Console, and will only be set for Admin Users.