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You can offer different promotions to your end users by scheduling dynamic offer versions to be run in specified periods. With this approach, you avoid the need to create new offer versions every time a promotion is altered.

Each dynamic offer can have only one promoted version active at any given time. However, you have the flexibility to schedule different versions to run during specific time frames. It's possible to set up promotions for multiple dynamic offers to overlap within certain periods.

The promotions can be viewed in Calendar view and list view—the functionality and what you do on both screens remain the same. 

Calendar View

This feature offers a comprehensive display of all your promotion information on a single page. It allows you to efficiently manage the promotion life cycle while also providing an easy way to preview all promotions simultaneously.

Dynamic offers that have promotions or scheduled versions as promotions can be filtered and displayed. You can also quickly identify the start and end dates of each promotion along with the associated dynamic offer and its version.


You can easily add a new promotion by clicking the + icon displayed beneath each date. You can select an existing promotion and choose to modify the promotion details or delete the promotion altogether.


List View

The promotions are listed in a section along with their start and end dates, the corresponding dynamic offer, and the current status of the promotion.