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If you use the Zephr CDN to run your company sites, you can set up and configure the sites in the Admin console.

For further information on managing your sites, see Add a Site.

You can also group your sites, as described in Site Groups.

As each site can use Zephr through a single Admin console, you have the flexibility to do the following:

  • Create global user journeys across each of your brands
  • Build specific use cases for individual titles

For detailed steps on going live with Zephr, see the Go-Live topic.

You can delete sites from Zephr. Zephr recommends that you speak to your Customer Success Manager before you delete a site for the following reasons:

  • If you delete a site, it is removed from Zephr. This means that users cannot access your site using the CDN
  • If you delete a live site, you might need to make domain name changes