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Integration Methods


Integration Methods

You can integrate features using the following methods:

  • HTML

    The most common method of integrating Zephr feature rules in your site is to use HTML Features.

    Use an HTML implementation if you want to apply the feature to parts of an HTML document. For example, to the body of an article, a video, image or data table in your website.

    You can use HTML features for the following implementations:

    For example, you can remove HTML features, or replace them with the registration walls, paywalls, or special offers that you have defined in the rule.

  • JSON

    Use a JSON implementation if you want to transform a JSON response based on your rule outcomes.

    To use JSON feature rules, you must set up a site with a JSON origin. Typically, this is an API that returns JSON content. For further information on setting up your site with a JSON origin, see the Add a Site topic.

    for further information on using JSON features, see the JSON Features topic.

  • SDK

    Use an SDK implementation if you want to do the following:

    • Make requests to the Zephr decision engine to be handled programmatically
    • Trigger webhooks, add end users to segments and custom scripts

    For further information on SDK features, see the SDK Features topic.