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The Glide Publishing Platform is an Agile CMS for content, product and marketing teams.

Zephr offers out-of-the-box integration with Glide in order to display Glide Collections of assets to users based on your Zephr Customer Journeys, such as adapting House Ads for anonymous users.

Configuring the Glide Extension

To enable the Glide Extension within Zephr, navigate to Settings > Extensions > Glide. If you cannot see the Glide option in your list of Extensions, email

Once on the configuration screen, you’ll see two sections – Glide API Details and Activate Plugin.

Glide API Details

First, click Glide API Details. Here, you’ll need to input the following information:

  • x-capi-key
  • Taxonomy IDs for Collections

Enter these details in line with your Glide set up. If you do not know these details, contact your Glide Account Manager. Once complete, click Done.

Activate Plugin

Once you’ve input the relevant details, you will need to confirm which of your Sites the extension should be active on. To do this, use the toggles for each site under the Activate Plugin section, or choose Select All Sites.

Once completed, click Save. Your plugin is now enabled.