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Create Your Shareable Product


Create Your Shareable Product

In this example, we create a new product and configure it as shareable.

Note: You can edit an existing product to allow sharing, if required.

To configure a product as shareable, we must ensure that we select the Enable Sharing toggle and set the maximum number of seats allowed for sharing when defining the product.

To create your shareable product, follow the instructions in the Create a Product topic. When creating your product for this example, select the Enable Sharing toggle and enter 3 in the Sharing Limit text box.

Note: If you edit an existing product to make it shareable, ensure that you update and save any related rules and multi-step or frictionless checkout forms included in the rule. If this is not done, no changes are made in the UI and your end users will not see the sharing options. For further information on editing an existing product, see the Edit a Product topic.

Now, we can add a product sharing page to the preference centre to allow customers to manage their shared product.