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Overview of payment operations


Overview of payment operations

You can take advantage of Payment Operations to automate payment management and adjust invoices based on your need using either the Invoice Item Adjustments feature or the Credit and Debit Memos plus Invoice Item Settlement features, depending on whether Invoice Settlement is enabled for your tenant.

The Payment Operations section mainly covers the following aspects:

  1. Payments: Creates payments in Zuora to collect from your end customers. Payments are integrated with other features, such as Payment Methods and Payment Gateway, which allow you to specify how each payment is collected. Note that Unapplied Payments is only available for tenants that have enabled Invoice Settlement feature. For detailed instructions about how to use payments, see the topics below:
  2. Payment Runs: Collects payments in batches using electronic payment methods, like credit cards or ACH. Even if a payment was made to an invoice but had an error, if an invoice has a positive balance and meets all the filter criteria for the payment run, Zuora will pick up the invoice for processing in the payment run.
  3. Invoice Item Adjustments or Credit and Debit Memos /Invoice Item Settlement: Adjusts the invoices by using Invoice Item Adjustments (for tenants that haven’t enabled Invoice Settlement) or Credit and Debit Memos / Invoice Item Settlement (for tenants that enabled Invoice Settlement).
  4. Refunds: Issues and tracks refunds on payments.