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Retry payments


Retry payments

Zuora supports you to automatically retry failed payment attempts if the initial payment fails because of insufficient funds, expired cards, network errors, or other reasons. You can configure the number of retries, the interval between retries, and the retry logic. Payment retry can help you to reduce payment failures, improve customer retention, and save time and resources on manual follow-ups. Therefore, you can optimize your payment collection process and increase your revenue with payment retry.

In Zuora, the following options for configuring payment retries are available:

  • Enable and configure the basic payment retry rules in settings for payment processing. See Configure Payment Retry Rules for more information.
  • Use the Configurable Payment Retry feature to retry payments with either custom retry logic or AI-driven smart retry. You can configure the payment retry logic for specific groups of customers and payment gateway response codes. See Configurable Payment Retry for more information.

For the following customers, we strongly recommend using Configurable Payment Retry instead of configuring the basic payment retry rules. With Configurable Payment Retry, you can set up custom retry logic or leverage AI capabilities to recover failed payments in a more flexible manner.

If the Cascading Payment Method feature is enabled, your failed payments are dynamically retried with different payment methods in the order defined in a priority list. For more information, see Cascade payment methods.