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Adding a User


Adding a User

Users can be added to Zephr in a number of ways – via API, by a User signing up via a Zephr Registration form, or via a manual entry into the Zephr Admin Console. To add a User manually, take the following steps:

Select Identity > Users, then click the Add User button.

Complete the fields in the form that displays. The Identity section will have the key identifier that needs to be added for a Zephr User, and this is where you will add the User’s email address. The fields found under Attributes are based upon your User Schema. Take a look at our Creating a User Schema guide if you haven’t set this up yet.

When you’ve filled out the relevant fields, click Add User. If you wish to create more than one user, check the Add Another tickbox being clicking Add User. Your user will then be created and ready for you to add it’s entitlement model.