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Export Users


Export Users

Zephr provides you with the ability to export a list of your Users from the Zephr Identity Store as a JSON export.

To begin this navigate to Settings > Identity Management > User Export. Here you will see a range of tick boxes:

  • Schema Attributes: For exporting a list of Users including the attributes defined by your Zephr User Schema
  • Direct Grants: For exporting a list of Users including the Grants (Entitlements, Meters etc) which have been given to them
  • Extended Profiles: If you have Extended Profile data stored against any of your Users, you will see options for each respective Extended Profile
    • Only Include Users With Extended Profiles: When you have selected an Extended Profile to be included in the export, you will also have the option to only include in the download users who have information stored within that Extended Profile

Once you have made your selection, click Download. Your user list will download in a JSON format.