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Meters are used to give site visitors limited access to content. If a user is granted a meter they will inherit one or more entitlements but Zephr will count their usage and stop their access after the meter runs out. Meters recur on a relative or calendar basis, meaning users will be granted a new meter after a set period of time.

A common use for a Meter is to create a trial for a paid website, or limited free access to more exclusive content.

Refer to the following information on how to manage Meters:

  • Creating Meters
  • Editing Meters
  • Deleting Meters

Creating Meters

Meters are used to give limited access to content over a certain time period, such as 10 views of content per month. They are useful for lower level subscription options, or for Freemium access models.

To create a Meter, navigate to Entitlement Manager > Meters within the Zephr Admin Console and click Add Meter.

Complete the fields as follows:

  • Label – a title for your Meter
  • Description – an optional reference
  • Unit – the unit of consumption for your Meter. In most cases this will be set to Views, to dictate the number of page views a User gets access to
  • Limit – the numerical limit for the Meter – e.g. 2 views
  • Meter Counts – the way in which your Credit is counted:
    • Unique Content
    • Page Views
  • Meter Cycle Type – whether the meter should renew on a calendar basis, such as every day, week, month, or on a relative basis, such as every x number of days
  • Meter Cycle Period – setting the time period of the Meter, based upon the cycle type above
  • Timezone Offset – set the timezone in which the Meter should recur.
  • Auto Assign – selecting auto assign means the Meter will automatically be granted to all users who fulfil certain predicates. Options include:
    • None (Default)
    • To All Users by default
    • To All Anonymous Users by default
    • To All Authenticated Users by default

Once you’ve completed this information, it’s time to manage your Meter by attaching one or more Entitlements to it. There are no limits to how many of these are added to your Meter, so each Meter can become a unique blend of Entitlements and subscription offerings. The deprecation of this Meter (the point where Zephr notes that 1 of the views has been used), takes place when one of the Entitlements attached to the Meter is checked for. Entitlements Checks are part of your Feature Rule and Request Rule options.

To Add Entitlements to your Meter, click Add Entitlements to reveal a list of all available Entitlements. Click Add to select your Entitlement. At any time you can remove selected Entitlements by selecting the Remove button.

Editing Meters

If there is a Meter that you need to change, editing it within Zephr is quick and easy. To do this, navigate to Entitlement Manager > Meters and locate the Meter you wish to edit.

Click the Three Dot button to the right of the Meter, then choose Edit.

Make the changes you wish to make to your Meter, and click Save.

Deleting Meters

If at any point you wish to delete a Meter, navigate to Entitlement Manager > Meters and locate the Meter you wish to delete.

Click the Three Dot button to the right of the Meter.

Click Delete, then confirm you wish to delete the Meter by clicking OK.