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A bundle in Zephr refers to a collection of grants that a user can receive in bulk. Bundles can be made up of any number of entitlements, meters, credits, and other bundles. They are a good way to offer subscription packages – for example, a Gold bundle may offer you article access, and access to five video views per month, whilst a Platinum bundle may offer you full access to both articles and videos.

Refer to the following information on how to manage Bundles:

  • Creating Bundles
  • Editing Bundles
  • Deleting Bundles

Creating Bundles

To create a bundle within Zephr, select Entitlement Manager > Bundles then click the Add Bundle button.

Complete the fields as follows:

  • Label – Title as appropriate e.g. Article Trial
  • Description – an optional reference
  • Auto Assign – selecting Auto Assign means the entitlement will automatically be granted to all user who fulfil certain predicates. Options include:
    • None (Default)
    • To All Users by default
    • To All Anonymous Users by default
    • To All Authenticated Users by default

Once you’ve completed this information, it’s time to manage your Bundle by adding a series of entitlements, meters, credits and bundles. There are no limits to how many of these are added to your Bundle, so each Bundle can become a unique blend of entitlements and subscription offerings.

To Add Entitlements to your Bundle, click Add Entitlements to reveal a list of all available Entitlements. Click Add to select your entitlement. At any time you can remove selected Entitlements by selecting the Remove button.

Adding Meters, Credits and other Bundles to your Bundle works exactly the same as shown in the above Entitlements example. Click Add to display a list of available Meters, Credits and Bundles and select the required options by clicking Add. Once in place, these can be removed by clicking the red Remove button.

Editing Bundles

If there is a Bundle that you need to change, editing it within Zephr is quick and easy. To do this, navigate to Entitlement Manager > Bundles and locate the Bundle you wish to edit.

Click the Three Dot button to the right of the Bundle, then choose Edit.

Make the changes you wish to make to your Bundle, and click Save.

Deleting Bundles

If at any point you wish to delete a Bundle, navigate to Entitlement Manager > Bundles and locate the Bundle you wish to delete.

Click the Three Dot button to the right of the Bundle.

Click Delete, then confirm you wish to delete the Bundle by clicking OK.