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Origin Caching


Origin Caching

Zephr caches the content from your Origin website as a means of improving your site performance when making access decisions.

By default, website content is cached for 10 minutes, meaning updates made to your CMS will take up to 10 minutes to propagate to the end user.

In some cases, you may wish for this cache to be removed – for example, if you publish breaking news and want pages from /breaking-news to be excluded from the cache.

This is possible within Zephr, by adding a Cache Rule, or by Invalidating the Origin Cache.

Creating a Cache Rule

To make this change, take the following steps:

  1. Log in to the Admin Console in Zephr.
  2. Click on the Cog Menu in the top right, then choose CDN.
  3. Click Add Cache Rule.
  4. Set a Label for your rule – this can be anything, for example, Breaking News, as we’re going to remove the cache on the Breaking News page.
  5. Set the URL Path you wish to remove the cache from. For this example, we’ll be using \/breaking-news to remove the cache from all pages found at /breaking-news
  6. Under Cache, untick the Origin box.
  7. Click Add Cache Rule.

Zephr Classic Cache Rule

Please note: Removing the cache could have an impact on performance (as Zephr’s cache means content can be served to visitors more quickly) and should be tested post-implementation.

Invalidating the Origin Cache

Because Zephr caches content, there may be some instances where an article or page of your site has been removed from your CMS, but is still displaying on your site. Whilst this is only  temporary – as the Zephr cache lasts for 10 minutes – Zephr does provide an option for invalidating the cache for that particular page.

To do this, navigate to Settings > CDN > Invalidate Origin Cache within the Zephr Admin Console.

Here you will see an input box labeled Path (Regular Expression). Within this field, add the URL path needing to be removed from the cache, and click Invalidate. This will be removed from the Zephr cache accordingly.