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The Zephr Pure360 plugin allows your to integrate Zephr using Pure360 as an email provider. By configuring this plugin, emails usually sent via Zephr – such as password resets and passwordless authentication emails – will be sent via your Pure360 account. It also allows you to add Zephr User email addresses to Pure360 Lists.

Sending Emails with the Pure360 Plugin

The Pure360 integration can be turned on by enabling the plugin found under Settings > Plugins in your Zephr Admin Console. If you cannot see the plugin in this list, email

In order for Zephr to connect to Pure360 you need to provide the following details from Pure360:

  • API Username
  • API Password

Enter these details into the corresponding fields under the heading Pure360 API, along with a From Description. A From Description references the name the emails being sent should come from – E.g. Customer Support.

Once your details are correct, click Activate.

This will now send all Zephr emails via your Pure360 account. Templates for these emails can be managed under Settings > Emails.

Note: Whilst Zephr emails are sent immediately after being triggered, there may be a delay or queuing system used by your third party ESP. We recommend testing this system before going live with end users.

Adding Zephr Users to a Pure360 List

The Zephr Pure360 integration also allows you to add newly registered Zephr Users to a Pure360 List. These users will be added at the point of registration, so always ensure you have the required consent.

To configure this, navigate to Settings > Plugins, then choose Pure360 from the Results list.

On the configuration page, scroll down to Pure360 List Integration. From here, you’ll be able to name the Profile and List Name that you would like users added to. Click Save when complete.