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Trial Plugin


Trial Plugin

The Zephr Trial plugin gives you the ability to grant an Entitlement, Meter, Credit, or Bundle to newly registered users, for a set period of time – giving them a Trial to more premium content.

Configuring the Trial Plugin

Navigate to Settings > Plugins, then click on the Trial option. If you cannot see this plugin in your list of available plugins, contact

Once on the configuration page, you will see a simple screen with fields for Entitlement and Expiry (Days).

Trial Plugin Configuration Screen

Use the drop down field in the Entitlement section to select the Entitlement, Meter, Credit, or Bundle you wish newly registered Users to receive. Note that you will need to have created this access option before configuring the Plugin.

Next, set the expiry time, in days, for when this access should be revoked from the User. For example, if the Trial lasts for one week, then enter 7 (days) into this field.

Click Activate. Following this, all Users registering to your site will be granted this Trial, at the point they are created within Zephr. This grant will be revoked at the point of Expiry you have set in the Plugin.