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Entitlements are labels that are used to determine what a user is entitled to. They can be granted on their own – indefinitely or for a set period of time – or granted as part of a bundle, meter, or credit.

Entitlements are one of the decision points found within the Zephr Rules Builder, and can be manually granted by visiting a user’s profile page in the Identity section of the Admin Console.

Refer to the following information on how to manage Entitlements:

  • Creating Entitlements
  • Editing Entitlements
  • Deleting Entitlements

Creating Entitlements

Entitlements sit at the core of many access decisions that are made with Zephr, and are a key part of setting up Credits, Meters and Bundles. Within Feature Rules, we recommend a one-to-one relationship between Entitlements and Features, so your Entitlements will often be used to give your Users access to a piece of content wrapped in Zephr Feature Tags.

To create an Entitlement, navigate to Entitlement Manager > Entitlements within the Zephr Admin Console and click Add Entitlement.

Complete the following fields:

  • Label – a title for your Credit
  • Description – an optional reference
  • Auto Assign – selecting auto assign means the Meter will automatically be granted to all users who meet certain criteria. Options include:
    • None (Default)
    • To All Users by default
    • To All Anonymous Users by default
    • To All Authenticated Users by default

Once complete, click Add Entitlement. Your Entitlement will be saved, and you will return to the Entitlements List.

If you want to create more than one Entitlement at a time, tick the Add Another tick box before clicking Add Entitlement.

Editing Entitlements

If there is a Entitlement that you need to change, editing it within Zephr is quick and easy. To do this, navigate to Entitlement Manager > Entitlements and locate the Entitlement you wish to edit.

Click the Three Dot button to the right of the Entitlement, then choose Edit.

Make the changes you wish to make to your Entitlement, and click Save.

Deleting Entitlements

If at any point you wish to delete a Entitlement, navigate to Entitlement Manager > Entitlements and locate the Bundle you wish to delete.

Click the Three Dot button to the right of the bundle.

Click Delete, then confirm you wish to delete the Entitlement by clicking OK.